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Flying Deers and Whispering Owls

Punk Rock Icon: Soo Catwoman

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching Almost everyone knows the face but maybe not so much the name. Soo Catwoman is the epitome of Rock Icon and the…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 13, 2014 Originally by audrey

Don't Worry Punk Fans Balmain Has Your Back

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching Balmains Spring 2011 collection showcased everything from shreds to bleached to rips to studs to spikes. All fans of punk fashion can…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 12, 2014 Originally by audrey

Best Summer Magazine

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching via dirty blonde One of my all time favorite spring/summer magazines is Martha Stewart living! It has some of the best house crafts…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 11, 2014 Originally by audrey

Queen Of The Cat Ladies

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching I have been in love with this editorial since I first saw it. Queen of cat ladies for sure. I want her…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 03, 2014 Originally by audrey

Misfits, Studs & Rebels

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching I can not wait until I can make custom punk Coco De Coeur jackets! I will continue to drool over them in…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 03, 2014 Originally by audrey

Favorite Swimwears by Wondersine

Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Sep 25, 2014

Yuima Nakazato s/s 2013

  Sweet dreams and candy colors for men: Yuima Nakazato S/S 2013     Yuima Nakazato  S/S 2013           Source Excellent Male Model   Via Change Fashion
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Sep 20, 2014

My Market Day:By Giampaolo Sgura For Vogue Japan October 2014

In Love with this amazing editorial, some kawaii and pop harajuku culture for a daily life.   models: lindsey wixson (society) and hanne gaby odiele (img) photographer: giampaolo sgura stylist: anna dello…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Aug 30, 2014

Dreams Come True: Meet The Dog Show USA

I think there are essential things that all girl that dreams a lot wants, super cheap magic clothes, vintage stuff, mega sale items, pastel pink…
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Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Aug 23, 2014

Spring is for Ballerinas: Viktor & Rolf Backstage, and more.

La primavera pinta para las bailarinas, esta teoría la deriba el caso de mi dúo dinámico favorito, que vuelve con una paleta de nude y prints…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Jan 26, 2014

MELL HELL: My fashion brand

Well, several months ago and I had such a highly anticipated project, but very beginner to make my own clothing brand, small but cute. The concept…
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Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 20, 2013
Backstabbers Outfitpic

High Fashion Popsicles.

Many of my friends think that I have crazy habits, weird hobbies like taking hot coffee in extremely hot days and my craving for ice…

The Art of Arvida Bystrom

nbsp; Arvida Bystrom is a model and photographer, who expresses his art in object merely sencilles icons of the 90's and an inevitable attraction for the…
Melissa Cupcakee
Melissa Cupcakee Dec 18, 2013
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About Me:

i'm Mexican and skinny.

I love music, especially hardcore music, fashion,
interior design, take pictures, view photos
I love food, love eating so much! Chinese, Italian, tacos, sushi. the world of gastronomy!
drink tea, horchata, coffee and dr.pepper.

I love candles, incense and perfumes.
I also love the clothes you have bones and skulls, i do not know why.
I like it when clothes combine them with flowers, animal print and plaid shirts.

but above all I love the sensations of a cupcake in my mouth.

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